I like Hilton Garden Inn BUT Hilton Stinks!


OK, that was a rather severe headline.  BUT, Hilton really lack in one regard.  They have no loyalty to their customers.  Do their hotel owners?  I've felt so.  Employees of their hotels?  Good Folks.  Their hotels, good.  I really like Hilton Garden Inns.  Good rooms, good prices, free internet, clean, all the rest.  BUT, if you don't stay in a Hilton for 1 year, your points are wiped out.  COMPLETELY.  I've lost over 30K points since 2002 because of this. And I'm not very happy about it.  Today, I was booking a hotel room for 5 nights and couldn't login to my HHONORS account.  I called customer service and found out that another 10K points were wiped out.  GREAT. 

Marriott doesn't do this.  Neither does Starwood (W, Westin, Sheraton.)  Nor does the Intercontinental Hotels (Holiday Inn, Intercontinental.)  And neither should Hilton!

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