Recovery Sucks


God I’m trying to get better.  But, just one problem.  I can’t sleep due to the pain (head).  The doctors tell me all is fine and in a month or so I’ll be the old me again.  F that.  I want the old me NOW.  I need to ask my wife if I can rent a nice looking woman to "cuddle" with.  I’m a cuddler.  She isn’t.  Maybe if I had someone who just hugged me constantly, told me I was OK, and just rubbed my forehead until I went to sleep, I’d be getting that sleep I need.  Something tells me I may need to have the doctors write a pretty convincing prescription for that.  But, it would have really helped last night.  I may have nabbed maybe 2 hours.  Not enough.  Must have pretty young cuddly lady who tells me everything is OK.

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